About Ironopolis Yard Steampunk T-shirts

We sell unique limited edition T-shirts, individually designed and inspired by the classic works of Sci-fi, Gothic Horror and Steampunk, set against the backdrop of the gloriously dystopian ‘Ironopolis City’.

At Ironopolis Yard we think everyone has a Geek somewhere in their heart.

As a kid I loved reading and watching films – it didn’t matter as long as they were Sci-fi, Gothic Horror or Steampunk. I also loved playing Call of Cthulhu, Dungeons & Dragons, and Warhammer too. I used to dream of different worlds and strange cities… of monsters and magic and steam-powered gadgets.

And then I was forced to grow up…

…but who’d have thought it?

Being Geeky is cool again, and the Geeky kid in me was only hidden away, waiting for the opportunity to reappear and dream once more, and that’s why I started designing these T-shirts.

Every design is unique to ‘Ironopolis Yard’ and is either inspired by classic books and films or retro fitted into a classic Dystopian setting – Ironopolis City, 1911AD – the industrial heart of the British Commonwealth stretching across the North Of England, and powering a world populated by dark technology, the Aether and the Paranormal.

Join me fellow traveller, browse my other designs, and sign up for the ‘Ironopolis City Times’, my Classic Sci-fi, Steampunk and Gothic Horror e-newsletter.

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