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Steampunk Tendencies Facebook Group

Great place to see the latest in Steampunk art and design

Always amazes me the size of Steampunk groups.  Steampunk Tendencies currently has 54,570 members, and the range and breadth of art and design showcased is unbelievable.

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Millie and the Vampyre Lord – The Ironopolis Chronicles

Into the Darkness

Skeldale Hall, North Yorkshire Moors, 1911

Millie took a deep breath and strode forward through the hall toward the dais.

The volume of noise faltered, turned into whisper, and then ceased altogether.  Elegantly dressed Edwardian ladies and gentlemen stepped aside whilst maintaining an almost feral gaze.  So much so that even as she remained outwardly calm, she was uncomfortably aware her heart rate was beating double-time as she approached the high table.

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The Ironopolis City Airship Towers

HMA Enterprise launching DH9a combat air patrol over the Ironopolis City Airship Towers

The Ironopolis City Airship Towers

“Now, this is an interesting scene, showing the Escort Carrier ‘HMA Enterprise’ floating over the Dorman-Bolckow Airship Towers near Ironopolis City in August 1911, and prior to the opening of the Ironopolis World Fair by King George V later that month.

The reason it is so interesting is, of course, the part that airship played in the Smog-Zombie outbreak, and which is now seen as a major contributing factor to the opening of the Great War.  As every schoolchild knows, Enterprise’ valiant crew helped restore enough order to thwart the Black Stone’s dastardly plans.

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Ironopolis Broadcasting Company

Churchill and the Grangetown Gang – a short steampunk story

From an interview with Winston S Churchill for ‘The Secret History of the Ministry of Industry, Technology and the Paranormal’ by the Ironopolis Broadcasting Company, Ottowa, 1947

“At that time – the winter of 1911 – Great Britain, and in particular Ironopolis City, was the refuge for several Russian émigré gangs, that we would, today, call terrorists.

These vicious gangs were self-contained, bound together by race and experience, and intent on ‘expropriating’ – stealing – funds, to continue their struggle against the Tsarist regime with its secret police, in Mother Russia.

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Welcome to Ironopolis Yard – A Steampunk Website

Steampunk portrait of a future past

Ironopolis City.  A hellish steampunk city covering the North of England from coast to coast.

Ironopolis City.  Powered by steam and electricity, and connected by The Transporter. This city is built on coal, iron, steel, and all manner of manufactured goods and trade…

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